When I Started Loving Myself, God Sent Me My Husband

Updated: May 13, 2020

Recently, I was invited to guest Co-Host on the local Praise 107.9 Darren Radio Show. Which was absolutely amazing! And the topic was “ Can you be prepared for marriage?” Well, my response was I personally knew that I was Ready for marriage once I started loving myself and began knowing my worth. But I don’t think anyone can fully be Prepared for marriage. Because being ready and prepared are two different things when dealing with marriage. I will dwell a little more on that later in the next blog post. But once I began knowing my worth, that's when I realized I had been attracting all the wrong guys and I was no longer having it. So, I began to pray about the situation.

In my prayers I would ask God to send me the man that he had created for me. A God fearing man. A man that will love and appreciate me for the woman that God created me to be! A man that will respect me and respect himself. A man that will be the best father that he can be for our children. And most importantly, a man that wants to be my husband. Well, not longer after those prayers, I was introduced to my husband.

But I was very reluctant about dating him, because he didn’t look like all the other young men I previously dated. My husband was short and that was a definite turn off. I’m a tall woman and I only dated tall guys. So he stood no chance. So I thought😜 But I agreed to be friends with him. Nothing serious. Just a few dinners, watching tv together and just casually hanging out. Well, while we were “Just casually hanging out” I was noticing how respectful my husband was toward me. I paid attention to how chilvarous he was every single time. Also, during all the time we spent together he never asked for anything in return but my time. Suddenly, I realized that I was starring at my husband. It no longer mattered that he wasn’t tall. It only mattered that I was feeling something that I had never felt before. And it felt amazing! I knew it was what I prayed for and I was loving it. So when he formally asked me to marry him. There was no doubt in my mind that I was ready to be married.

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