What Has Become Your Favorite Meal During COVID?

So, at this point everyone is pretty much a chef right? Or naw? Well if you are anything like me, COVID didn’t need to happen to get me in the kitchen. Cooking has always been my way of expressing my love to family and friends. But with the worlds current situation, it has brought on a whole new meaning. And surprisingly my 13 year old daughter has been insisting on preparing meals, just as much as I have! Now what parent would argue about that? So, with all the extra home cooking thats been going on, what has become your favor meal to prepare. For me it has been brunch. I don’t know why, but I’ve had the sudden urge to skip breakfast and just go for a full on brunch spread. And of course pancakes or french toast has to be in there some where. Preferably with some fried potatoes on the side. Well, today I chose to keep it simple with French Toast, sliced Turkey bacon, strawberries and a Virgin Mimosa to wash it all down. Nothing to fancy, but fulfilling none the less! So what’s your favor meal time? Is it breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner? Or maybe it’s all the above. Just remember that whatever you’re cooking make sure you are doing it with love.

Be well everyone!😊

- TashaTheDevotedWife

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