We Took A Family Bookstore Tour…

In our household reading is very fundamental. When I was pregnant with our oldest daughter, I used to read to her in my belly. I did this, because I remembered how much I loved reading as a little girl, and I wanted to introduce that love to our child. So, what better way to do that than while in utero. Well, it seemed to work, because she absolutely loves to read. She’s a true book nerd and Sci-Fi geek proudly. So much so, that she came up with the brilliant idea of going on a Family multi-city bookstore tour for her 15 Birthday. What child does that? Well… ours! And we love it and love her for coming up with such a creative idea.

We started in Jacksonvill, FL with our first stop at 2nd and Charles bookstore. Then we travel south visiting multiple Barnes & Nobles, Books A Million, Comic bookstores, 2nd Charles Bookstores.

Our trip included 6 cities, 9 bookstores, a bundle of books, and loads of family fun. I would have never guessed that going on a bookstore shopping trip would be so much fun. We met great people, and ate delicious food. It was definitely a family weekend trip worth taking.

❤️ Tasha The Devoted Wife

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