We Made It to 21 Years of Marriage

Many ask, "What is your secrete to staying married for so long?" Well, my answer is always the same. "Constant communication, a lot of prayer and non stop work." Because if you don't know it already, marriage is a 24 hour ongoing job. The work never ends. Sometimes the work is fun, and sometimes the work is hard. But no matter what, the two of us always allow our selves to be honest with our emotions and honest with each other. And let's be real. No one likes to hear when they are wrong, but it must be heard to resolve the issue. And once the issue has been resolved, you can let it go and move on to happier times. Remember this, it's much better to feel the discomfort of a temporary situation, than to feel lifelong pain of deceit and lies. Deal with the issue up front and move on.

Throughout the years, hubby and I have faced so many challenges. So many in fact, that I honestly feel like God said, "You know what? I'm gonna put every possible trial and tribulation in your path just to see if you are about this kind of life!"

Well God, I think we have passed the test. So, can you please take it easy on us for the next few decades? Lol! But in all honesty, we have experienced a great deal of trauma, but also a greater deal of happiness. And having a partner like my husband to journey through this crazy space we call life, has made it that much of a greater experience. So Here's to another amazing chapter of our Book of Marriage and thanking God in advance for many, many more!

Tasha The Devoted Wife

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