Updated: May 13, 2020

So, the hubby and I took the kids to the movies over the weekend. But, a family vote had to be made. Will we go to see Toy Story 4 or Spider-Man Far From Home. Well, it was unanimous. All for Spider-Man. And all for different reasons of course. I for one, am not a huge Spider-Man fan, but I am a Zendaya fan. She reminds me so much of our oldest daughter. She seems to have such a beautiful spirit, beautiful, smart, an awesome actress, and a role model for young girls. Just like my Chelsea! Therefore, I voted Spider-Man. Our thirteen year old daughter Chelsea is a huge Marvel fan, so of course she was in there. Our eight year old daughter well, if her big sis wants to see Spider-Man she wants to see it too! And my husband on the other hand voted for Spider-Man because he simply did not want to sit through another cartoon movie. So how did I rate the movie? Well firstly, I just can't get into the Super Hero getting beat up during the entire movie. I understand Peter Parker is still a kid and he want to enjoy his teenage years, but if I you're a super hero you suppose to kick butt more than you get your but kicked. Well my eight year old thought I was a little harsh with my judgement and quickly pointed out that he his still a kid and he needs time to grow into his strength and role as a super hero. After all, his powers were given to him unwillingly. But I did enjoy the cute and innocent teen attraction between MJ and Peter. I kept gushing over their quirky chemistry, because like I mentioned before, Zendaya looks and acts like our thirteen year old. Even more so in the movie. And let's not forget about the unexpected twist of Jake Gyllenhaal's character Mysterio. His character kept me awake. But the bonus end credit had a nice surprise ending. Therefore, I rate this movie with 3.5 stars

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