Mommy and Daughter Lunch date at The Soupa Noodle

Updated: May 13, 2020

Thank you @soupasaiyan2 for having my daughters and I as as your sponsored guest yesterday. The service and cuisine was amazing as usual. And I cannot mention the noodle bar restaurant without mentioning it’s collage of anime art all over the restaurant. It creates a very fun, hip and vibrant atmosphere. Being that my oldest daughter is a Godzilla fanatic, she was stoked to see an image of the giant lizard painted on the back wall, among a plethora of other known anime characters. It’s definitely for the kid in all of us. But to the best part of our visit.... the food🤗 My oldest daughter chose the Pho-Reiza SoupaBowl. It includes a delicious savory beef broth, egg ramen, tender sirloin steak, braised brisket, beef meatball, onion, bean sprout with a hint of basil, lime and scallions. My mouth is drooling. But she absolutely enjoyed it. Myself, along with my youngest daughter ordered the Tom Yum-y Soupa Bowl.

It had hello! The chicken broth has a slight spicy, but pickled savory delight. It’s filled with rice noodles, grilled chicken, plump shrimp, enoki mushrooms, menma, crispy garlic, cilantro and scallion. It was soooo satisfying. And let’s not forget our appetizer, not that we needed it because the Soupa bowls are so big, that you are definitely getting full. But our appetizer was were the fried Corn Croquettes, which

I could eat as my entree.

But don’t take our word for it. You can visit the The Soupa Noodle Bar 7 days a week in Jacksonville at their southside location.

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