Mary J. Blige Concert on Date Night

Updated: May 13, 2020

Mary J Performing at Jacksonville's Daily Place on Sunday July 14, 2019

Well this past Sunday night, I had the privilege of watching my favorite R&B singer of all times perform at Jacksonville's Daily's Place. And the temperature was not the only thing that was hot! From the flaming backdrop, to her tight body rocking a sparkling short set with blingged out ankle boots, Mary's entrance onto the stage was pure FIRE!

When I say she gave me life....she gave me life. The entire crowd stood the entire show singing and dancing to every tune. I danced so hard that my back and all my cracks were dripping in sweat. Her vocals were perfection. Her energy was perfection and the wardrobe changes were classic Mary J. style. And too my surprise she had back up dancers. I have to give her so much respect for not holding back on her performance, because it was full throttle Jacksonville, FL heat. But she still gave it her all and didn't skip a beat. All hail the Queen!

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