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Updated: May 13, 2020

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When you first move into a new place, or even if you have been in a place for a while, bringing your own style to your kitchen can sometimes be a scary and challenging task to take on. We see so many ideas on Pinterest and HGTV about what is in and what is out, what will improve your home value and what are a few easy ways to redesign your kitchen, but what if you do not know where to start? Well, I want to help you with that! Today, I am going to share with you how you can bring your own style into your kitchen - from start to finish in just a few easy steps! I am also adding in a few of my favorite ways to easily refresh your kitchen!

Create a board on Pinterest

Before you do anything, create a kitchen board on Pinterest. This is so easy (and fun) to do! When you are pinning specific pictures, you need to make sure you are focusing on the important things and not just posting random pictures that will bring no use to your kitchen re-do. Instead of pinning random pictures, consider your style. These questions should help you get a good start to your pinning-spree:

  • What colors do you lean towards? Neutral, bold colors, or a mix?

  • Does your kitchen have enough room for the renovation pictures you are pinning?

  • Can you afford what you are pinning?

  • Do you really need a hidden refrigerator behind two doors?

  • Is this actually your style, or do you just like it because society is telling you that it is “in?”

Answering these questions for each picture will really help you narrow down what you actually want and need vs. just pinning it because you get carried away. As long as you are thinking through each picture you pin, you are good to go!

Figure out what you can do space and budget-wise

This is by far the most important step in this process, other than completing your transformation! Space and budget are insanely important because if you choose a design that is too large for your space, it’s not going to work, or you are going to be really cramped. Take time to measure before you start any project to ensure the design is right for you.

Budget is also very important because if you cannot afford it, your space will be unfinished for a long while. Price out your project before starting it to make sure that you are capable of finishing it. Make sure you leave some room in your budget for errors! You can never be too prepared.

Research how to DIY and/or find contractors in your area

If you are going to do your project yourself, research, research, research! You seriously cannot research enough. There are many great tips on Google, Pinterest and even from hardware stores like Home Depot, or Lowes. For example, if you are wanting to replace the hardwood floors in your house, do a quick search on Google saying: “How to replace hardwood floors myself.” This will bring up hundreds of articles explaining how to do it!

On a different note, there are some things that you cannot, or should not do yourself. If you are worried about it in even the slightest bit, leave it to the professionals!

If you follow those three simple steps, you will have a new kitchen in no time! Just make sure you know your style and what you like and always stick with your gut feeling!! Now that you have the steps in order to create your kitchen, here are my favorite easy ways to refresh a kitchen that you have just moved into, or have lived in for a while:

Think about your backsplash

Another great option when it comes to renovating your kitchen is changing out your backsplash. Normally, this could be super time consuming, but if you look into Faux Brickwork, it can be very quick and painless! Based out of Clearwater, Florida, Faux Brickwork is committed to providing exceptional and authentic looking brickwork, without the need for expensive and timely work. This is exactly what I am looking for! Their high-quality materials make it easy and affordable to create a luxurious atmosphere for your home or work. I am really loving their London Stock – Raw Brick, but the great thing about Faux Brickwork is that if you do not see exactly what you are looking for, they have a comprehensive design service for custom designs, as well. Faux Brick wall panels are super easy to install, so try it out for yourself if you need to update your kitchen!

Paint your cabinets

Painting your cabinets is also an easy way to upgrade your kitchen, and it is very cheap to do so. Brightening up your space by painting your cabinets is a very affordable way to get more of your style into your kitchen.

Switch out your lighting

This is self explanatory, but lighting always makes a room. If it is too dark, the room feels closed in and stuffy, so lighting is essential! Along with not wanting a room to feel closed in, your lighting also makes a huge play in bringing your style into the kitchen. A lot of people that like a rustic style will do natural woods and even mason jars, while some people love chandeliers or modern lighting. Whatever your style is, this is an easy way to implement it into your new kitchen design, and it is affordable to do so!

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Replace your curtains

In my opinion, curtains can close off a room. If you have curtains, think about taking them off and adding plantation shutters, blinds, or just leaving your window open. This is another way to get more light into your kitchen! If you just have to have curtains, at least do a little upgrade and get some new ones that match the new feel of your kitchen.

Add small enhancements

Small details are my favorite way to add style to a kitchen. From flowers, table cloths to kitchen towels, and windowsill decor, this is by far the easiest way to add your favorite style into your kitchen.

Transforming your space might seem like a scary task, but once you have your style in your kitchen, I am sure you will love it! I hope this article helps you find the courage to tackle on your own kitchen!

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