Consistency is Key🔑

Wednesday nights are our Date Night, and I usually receive fresh flowers from my husband. But yesterday we were slammed with rain☔️ from Tropical storm Elsa, hubby is still recovering. No way we were going outside! But, here’s a throwback to a few Date Nights ago! He knows I love Roses, so he brought home my favorite red long stems.🥰 And finding a bottle of wine named “Papi” was so appropriate for us. It’s my husband’s nickname.

So, do you guys have a particular Day out of the week, that is scheduled for Date Night? Or do you just go with the flow and get it in where you can fit in? 😂

After 20 years of marriage, we have learned that consistency is key for us. Planning the same day makes it easier to remember and it holds us accountable for following through to a prior commitment. But, that’s us! Find what works for you and your spouse. Because if you don’t know already….🗣DATE NIGHT IS ESSENTIAL

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