“Bin There Dump That” took our garage clutter away!

Updated: May 13, 2020

As a full time wife and mother with two children that are homeschooled, and running a business from home, accumulating clutter can become the norm. But being a professional Interior Decorator, my biggest pet peeve is clutter and being unorganized. So, thankfully inside our home has steered cleared from this great disdain.

But the garage on the other hand... not so much. It has given me nightmares for over a year now. I mean that figuratively and literally. Of course I’ve been wanting to just sweep everything away in one huge swoop, but it became too overwhelming to manage. Well, thanks to the help of Jacksonville.bintheredumpthatUSA.com dumpster rental, I’ve been able to remove all of our unwanted clutter from our garage, within a matter of hours. Their rental process was very simple and quick! I called, requested my bin size, scheduled a delivery date that was convenient for me, and they arrived as scheduled. Not only did customer service make the process very simple, but they were professional, courteous and prompt. And to make the process even more convenient, the 7 day rental allowed us time to complete our decluttering project without rushing. I can appreciate that as a busy mother. Once our project was done, I notified Bin There Dump That and they returned expeditiously to remove the full bin. Such a great experience! Thank you @binthere.dumpthat for helping my family with our declutter project.

Contact www.bintheredumpthatUSA.com to find a vendor in your area.

Also locate them on Instagram @binthere.dumpthat

*This review is written based on the personal views and opinions of TashaTheDevotedWife as a consumer of service provided by the company Bin There Dump That

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