Are you still dating after Marriage?

Updated: May 13, 2020

Over the years, I have heard so many times, that things change after marriage. And for a while I strongly disagreed. Because for my husband and I, things were the same for us. Well, for the first five years that is. After those first five years, it was like everything that could possibly happen to us....happened.

Financial woes, death, Cancer, family disputes, neglect, repossession. You name it, it happened! But thankfully we had our daughters to keep us motivated. But needless to say, things changed. And one of the main things that changed was the quality time between my husband and I became obsolete. We literally became strangers to one another. With all of his long work hours and no days off, there was no time for us. Because during all the madness, we forgot to make Us a priority!

Well with countless conversation, continuous prayers and unwavering faith. Our marriage was restored! And one of the main things that helped us is weekly Date Nights. Yes! It was a game changer. And of course with some other much needed changes as well. But taking the necessary time for just the two of us to focus on each other was a very pivotal attribute for marriage. We have literally transformed from being strangers, to falling in love with each other all over again! So, to all the husband and wives out there, don’t forget to continue dating!

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