30 Day Count Down to the New Year with Relationship tips:

Updated: May 13, 2020

Tip # 1

Always love yourself first, Periodt!

How can you truly love another if you have not mastered the act of loving the most important person in your life, which is you. Especially us ladies. We have been abused, misused, put aside, ashamed, and neglected in so many ways that, for most of us, love has only become a word. But love is an action word. A verb in fact. But to understand the true meaning of love and to even know how to love, it’s important for women and men to take the necessary time to love on yourself. Which means accepting you for who you are. This includes your looks, your personality, your flaws, your attributes, your likes and your dislikes. Take this time to forgive whoever needs to be forgiven. Heal from whatever hurt or pain that has been cast upon you. Figure out your beliefs and principles. What you will and won’t tolerate in your life. And remember I said “take this time.” Because that’s exactly what you will need. Time! So many of us jump into relationships expecting the other person to heal us or to make us happy. Only to find ourselves even more miserable than we were before. And let’s be honest. We will find fault in everything that the other person is doing but won’t check ourselves. Reason being, you did not allow the necessary time with yourself to learn how to love yourself. I’m not saying this is true for all relationship, but for a huge percentage it is. I was once that young lady. I went from one broken relationship to another. But when I got tired of being in relationships and still feeling sad, lonely, disrespected, and empty. I realized it was much deeper than being in a relationship with a man. I needed to be in a relationship with myself! And at that moment I started praying for healing, clarity and for God to send me the man that was right for me when the time was right, for me! And that is exactly what God did. He sent my husband. But there’s no doubt in my mind. Had I not taken the time to love myself, I would not have been able to recognize that my husband was the man that was made for me! -TashaTheDevotedWife

Tip #2: Know Your Self Worth

Tip #3: Romance Over Finance

Tip #4: Lead With Truth

Tip #5: Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Words

Tip #6: Be Transparent

Tip #7: Cook For Each Other

Tip #8: Have Fun

Tip #9: Act Like A Lady and Think Like A Queen

Tip #10: Date Night Is Essential

Tip #11: Be Patient

Tip #12: Reciprocity

Tip #13: Don’t Loose Yourself

Tip #14: Friends Before Lovers

Tip #15: Communication Is Key

Tip #16: The Kids Matter

Tip #17: Everything That Look Good Isn’t Good For You

Tip #18: Keep Others Out of Your Relationship

Tip #19: Never Be Afraid To Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Tip #20: Prayer Works

Tip #21: Stay Persistent

Tip #22: Lead With Love

Tip #23: Listen

Tip #24: You Must Be Equally Yoked

Tip #25: To Have Positive Results, You must Feed Your Relationship With Positive Thoughts

Tip #26: If He’s The One, He Is Determined To Have Your Back Even When Others Don’t

Tip #27: Prince Is Needed

Tip #28: Double Standards Are Not Standard

Tip #29: You Cannot Change A Person That Does Not Want To Change

Rip 30: Love Gets You Married, But Loyalty Keeps You Married!


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