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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!  To get you a little acquainted with who I am, let me introduce myself. My name is Tasha. Born and raised in Virginia also known as the state for Lovers.  I'm the oldest of three and have been residing in Florida since 1999, and I've been married since 2001. I'm a Mother of two beautiful and amazing daughters ages 13 and 8 and one spoiled miniature poodle.  I am a Cancer Survivor, Entrepreneur and Professional Interior Decorator. For the pass 4 years I have been exercising my passion of Interior Design with my own Event Design Coordinating business, which I closed a year ago. It was no longer fulfilling because my desires to decorate residential spaces were far to strong.  So, I decided to go back to school and actually learn the art and technical training of Interior Decorating and Design.  But I wanted a unique way to share my passion for Marriage, Family, and our lifestyle. So, here I am.  Sharing the things I love and enjoy the most.  Only hoping to inspire some one like you along the way!

Tasha A.




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